Freitag, 30. Dezember 2005

Happy New Year!

I wish all of you a Happy New Year. May all your resolutions (if you make any) come true!
Oh well, right, I had my driving licence test on thursday. I failed. Yes, it was my fault... :[

Samstag, 24. Dezember 2005

Merry Christmas!!!

Hi everybody! I wish all of you (and your families) a merry christmas! I hope you have peaceful holidays.
Get loads of presents!!
I miss you all!
Love, Elisabeth

Mittwoch, 21. Dezember 2005


Hey guys!
To those of you who use MSN messenger: I do too now!!! Just tell me (I added all of you who have a hotmail address into my buddy list) if you want me to add you. I use my usual email address (please understand that I won't write it here...). If you want to find me by profile, my nickname is Schmetterling-87.
I also have ICQ by the way (which can also work with AIM), so just tell me which way you want to chat with me!!!

Dienstag, 20. Dezember 2005

I DID IT!!!!

Please imagine a more enthusiastic Fred!! I passed the theoretical driving license test!!! No mistakes!!!! JEEEHAAA!!! I can't believe it!!!! I'm going to take the practical test on Dec 29!!!

Freitag, 9. Dezember 2005

Am I too old?!?

I just watched the show about the football (soccer) worldcup in 2006 and I realized that I really like their logo. Their mascot is really cute too. I'm honestly thinking about buying a keyring with Goleo... I'm 18 - is that too old? What do you think???
Did I tell you that I find the mascots of the Olympic Wintergames in Torino supercute? I really want to get something with them. I'm getting childish (is it the time? - it's 11:17 pm...). They're - by the way - called Neve ("snow"), Gliz ("ice") and Aster (the mascot of the Paralympics)

Mittwoch, 7. Dezember 2005

There are some really great teachers in this world (well, at least at my school...)!!!

I gave my Basta CDs to the teacher who "manages" our choir and in return he burnt me 2 CDs with more a cappella music. At the moment I'm listening to "Ganz schön feist". Tomorrow, he'll give my the 2nd CD - King's Singers. I'm really curious. He also said that he would do a Wise Guys song with us (one of the easier ones, but it's really nice!!!). When I told him about Montezuma's Revenge, he just said that he was doing one of their songs with his group. This is so funny. I liked him before, but it's just so great that he likes the same music I like. It really makes me happy (if you can understand that...).
Then, I was in a meeting for preparing the christmas service at school. We were 2 students and 3 teachers, but it was soooo funny. We nearly couldn't stop laughing. And in the tram homebound I meet my Physics teacher from last year. He's pretty young (NO, he's married *g*), and we talked all the way. He's really nice.
So, at home I realized that I had loads of good experiences with teachers today. It's some kind of strange and great at the same time...

If you're interested: (in English - they're from Great Britain) (in German...)

Donnerstag, 1. Dezember 2005


Yesterday was the Basta concert! It was sooo great! I went there with Judith, Francesca (her Italian exchange partner), Anna and Chiara (my new Italian friend). They played so many new songs that it was even for us "old" fans new and funny. We laughed soo hard... :]] And it was funny when William (one of the band) announced one of the older songs (I have on CD) the "knowing" fans already started laughing and he was quite confused which caused him, the rest of the band and the audience to even laugh more *GGG*...
The two Italian girls didn't understand everything (obviously, most of the songs are in German... - their German is amazing, by the way!), but I think they liked it anyway...
Chiara is such a lovely girl!! I'm really looking forward to going to Italy in February. She also invited my to come and visit her next sommer to go swimming.

Sonntag, 27. November 2005

Recent News

Ok, I have some some news for you all (it's mainly a summary of what happened last week...).
So we had the first snow over here - but it's all gone again. It's still really cold though. AND I had to do my driving lesson by night in ice and snow - quite scary...
Chiara is about to come. At 6:45 pm I'll go and fetch her from the main station. Her stay is from today till Dec 6. I'm really looking forward.
Some news that are less good: I failed the theoretical exam for my driving licence on Tuesday :[ . I hope I can repeat it on Dec 6 (it's the next date I could do it, I have to wait 2 weeks... sh***...)

Freitag, 18. November 2005

Hi Chiara

I have my partner for the exchange with Mondovì now. Her name is Chiara.
Welcome to my blog! When you read through all of this, make sure you read the post titled with "It's the little things that brighten up your day" because I will take you to that concert! I really hope you'll like it. See you soon in Heidelberg!

Mittwoch, 16. November 2005

A Cappella

Ok, yesterday I told you I saw posters for one of my favorite a cappella groups. In conclusion, this means that I listen to the music of more than one a cappella group ;] . I already linked the first group, which is my No. 1 in (German) A Cappella: The Wise Guys!!!

These 5 guys are really great! They have been doing music together since 1995. I've only known them since spring 05 - unfortunately :[ . I missed lots of fun while being on their concerts (they already had 4 or 5 [or even more] concerts in Heidelberg). I was on a concert on November 7. It was sooo much fun. Their lyrics are great: some are simply funny, some are critical and some are serious. They have a song for (nearly) every situation in life. Most of their songs are written by themselves and in German...

They're becoming more and more popular over here, the concert on Nov 7 was sold out - so I already bought the tickets for the next concert, which is on May 10, 2006. I'm so crazy *ggg*. I can't wait to go to that concert - shortly before they'll release their new CD. Guess who's going to run to the CD shop?!?Another a cappella group I've only known for a short time is Montezuma's Revenge.

This Dutch group have been doing music for 20 years - isn't that amazing?!? They mainly cover pop and rock songs (e.g. "Losing my Religion", "Smells like teen spirit" or "Splish, Splash"). I got their music via internet - no, not illiegal ;] . I'm pretty active on the Wise Guys Forum (everything's linked in some way *g*) and there's also one girl who's a big fan of the "Zumas". She gave us the tipp that they would offer a download because of their anniversary. That's where I got the music from. And I have to say - I like it... Their homepage, which is in English, is .

Sooo, if you know other a cappella stuff, please, tell me!!!

Dienstag, 15. November 2005

It's the little things that brighten up your day!

On my way to work I saw posters for the show of one of my favorite a cappella bands - Basta. Ok, I already got my ticket, but I was shocked in a positive way. The concert is going to be on November 30.
When I bought the tickets, it was nearly sold out, but then I read on their homepage (which is, by the way, only German :[ ) that they wouldn't do a concert with chairs but without because so many people wanted to see them. It's only the 3rd time that they're in Heidelberg. I'm happy that so many other people like the same music as I do, but this also means that they'll probably perform on a different stage next year which will be more expensive :[ .
But anyway, as the title says, I'm looking forward to the concert!!!

Thank you!!

Guys, thank you soo much!!! I already got comments from Maria José (for the others: from Chile) and Milly (from Australia). To you two: I commented your comments *g* - go and have a look.
I also put in the links of Raquel's blog (from the USA) and Alejandro's blogs (from Chile, too). I hope that all of you get to know each other in some way because till now, I'm the only link. It may sound strange, but I'd love you guys to become friends just the way I am friends with each of you....
That's for today. I'll go and earn some money now *g*, when I come back tonight (it's 2:45 pm now) I'll come online to check if I got some comments ;] .

PS: I love this blog!!! But I run out of ideas of what to write *ggg*. My life is sooo normal at the moment ;]

Montag, 14. November 2005

Torino 2006 - I'm coming!

I still have to tell some of you that I will be going to Italy in February. But not simply somewhere in Italy, no, I'm going to the vicinity of Torino where the XX. Olympic Winter Games will be held!!!!

How cool is that?!? And we'll go to the Openig Ceremony and to the Biathlon competitions (PLUS we're going to meet some of the German athletes). To go there, I'm participating in an exchange with an Italian school (in Mondoví). My school is the only German school involved... My exchange partner (yet I don't know who I'll be matched with) will live at my house from November 26 to December 6.

I hope I can write on this blog while I'm there to let you know what exciting things I'm experiencing ;]]] . I hope I can upload some pictures then. (If you are interested, have a look: )


Sonntag, 13. November 2005


Thanks to Raquel you can now comment. I forgot that I still had to allow this function to you :[ But don't forget that I can also delete your comments, so be careful with what you write ;]]]
To some of you: see you tomorrow at school
To all the others: hope to see you again some time - I MISS YOU GUYS!!!

First Post

Ok, this is my first post. I'm going to write in English, so that my international friends can also follow what rubbish I'm about to write ;].
I hope all of you will enjoy this and maybe comment it - either English or German...
I can't think of anything any more, bye for now...