Mittwoch, 16. November 2005

A Cappella

Ok, yesterday I told you I saw posters for one of my favorite a cappella groups. In conclusion, this means that I listen to the music of more than one a cappella group ;] . I already linked the first group, which is my No. 1 in (German) A Cappella: The Wise Guys!!!

These 5 guys are really great! They have been doing music together since 1995. I've only known them since spring 05 - unfortunately :[ . I missed lots of fun while being on their concerts (they already had 4 or 5 [or even more] concerts in Heidelberg). I was on a concert on November 7. It was sooo much fun. Their lyrics are great: some are simply funny, some are critical and some are serious. They have a song for (nearly) every situation in life. Most of their songs are written by themselves and in German...

They're becoming more and more popular over here, the concert on Nov 7 was sold out - so I already bought the tickets for the next concert, which is on May 10, 2006. I'm so crazy *ggg*. I can't wait to go to that concert - shortly before they'll release their new CD. Guess who's going to run to the CD shop?!?Another a cappella group I've only known for a short time is Montezuma's Revenge.

This Dutch group have been doing music for 20 years - isn't that amazing?!? They mainly cover pop and rock songs (e.g. "Losing my Religion", "Smells like teen spirit" or "Splish, Splash"). I got their music via internet - no, not illiegal ;] . I'm pretty active on the Wise Guys Forum (everything's linked in some way *g*) and there's also one girl who's a big fan of the "Zumas". She gave us the tipp that they would offer a download because of their anniversary. That's where I got the music from. And I have to say - I like it... Their homepage, which is in English, is .

Sooo, if you know other a cappella stuff, please, tell me!!!

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