Dienstag, 15. November 2005

It's the little things that brighten up your day!

On my way to work I saw posters for the show of one of my favorite a cappella bands - Basta. Ok, I already got my ticket, but I was shocked in a positive way. The concert is going to be on November 30.
When I bought the tickets, it was nearly sold out, but then I read on their homepage (which is www.basta-online.de, by the way, only German :[ ) that they wouldn't do a concert with chairs but without because so many people wanted to see them. It's only the 3rd time that they're in Heidelberg. I'm happy that so many other people like the same music as I do, but this also means that they'll probably perform on a different stage next year which will be more expensive :[ .
But anyway, as the title says, I'm looking forward to the concert!!!
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