Dienstag, 15. November 2005

Thank you!!

Guys, thank you soo much!!! I already got comments from Maria José (for the others: from Chile) and Milly (from Australia). To you two: I commented your comments *g* - go and have a look.
I also put in the links of Raquel's blog (from the USA) and Alejandro's blogs (from Chile, too). I hope that all of you get to know each other in some way because till now, I'm the only link. It may sound strange, but I'd love you guys to become friends just the way I am friends with each of you....
That's for today. I'll go and earn some money now *g*, when I come back tonight (it's 2:45 pm now) I'll come online to check if I got some comments ;] .

PS: I love this blog!!! But I run out of ideas of what to write *ggg*. My life is sooo normal at the moment ;]
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