Mittwoch, 7. Dezember 2005

There are some really great teachers in this world (well, at least at my school...)!!!

I gave my Basta CDs to the teacher who "manages" our choir and in return he burnt me 2 CDs with more a cappella music. At the moment I'm listening to "Ganz schön feist". Tomorrow, he'll give my the 2nd CD - King's Singers. I'm really curious. He also said that he would do a Wise Guys song with us (one of the easier ones, but it's really nice!!!). When I told him about Montezuma's Revenge, he just said that he was doing one of their songs with his group. This is so funny. I liked him before, but it's just so great that he likes the same music I like. It really makes me happy (if you can understand that...).
Then, I was in a meeting for preparing the christmas service at school. We were 2 students and 3 teachers, but it was soooo funny. We nearly couldn't stop laughing. And in the tram homebound I meet my Physics teacher from last year. He's pretty young (NO, he's married *g*), and we talked all the way. He's really nice.
So, at home I realized that I had loads of good experiences with teachers today. It's some kind of strange and great at the same time...

If you're interested: (in English - they're from Great Britain) (in German...)
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