Sonntag, 24. Dezember 2006

Merry Christmas

I want to wish all of you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Well, I haven't written in here for a long time - sorry... I think it has happened quite a lot in my life since my last post:

  • I'll go to Italy from Dec 26 to Jan 4 and visit Chiara - yeah! We'll go to Torino, Pisa and have a great New Year's Eve!
  • I now also use Skype as an instant messenger (-> add me ;) ). And I really love it... which is also the "fault" of someone special (right?! ;) )
  • My school carreer will be finished on June 29 - so school is becoming more and more stressful...
  • I'm waiting for an answer from the WYD 2008 comittee if I can go to Sydney as a volunteer - I'd really love to!!!

I think that's all for now...

Freitag, 6. Oktober 2006

More wishes

Alright: as Blogger has some problems at the moment, I can't edit the other post...

Another "group" I like is the Scala Choir. I already have 2 CDs (On the Rocks, Dream On), but there are a new ones and I'd love to see them in concert.

What I'd also like to have is a theater subscription (Heidelberg?), but I addressed this already to my parents...

Dienstag, 3. Oktober 2006

Upcoming Birthday

Yes, right, I will be 19 (OMG!!!) at the end of this month. For those who see me in person 'round that special day or who want to give me a present, here are a few hints: ;)

  • Some a cappella CDs (maybe from groups I don't know yet or from the following): The King's Singers, Intermezzo, LaLeLu, Montezuma's Revenge, Flying Pickets, Maybebop, ... ; more groups at ; Wise Guys: only "Haarige Zeiten", "Dut-Dut-Duah!" or DVDs, no Basta CDs...)
  • Tickets for a cappella groups (see above), shows or comedians ("Kleinkunst"). Get more info here: (good general info about several artists), , (in Heidelberg).

No more questions about my wishes this year, please ;). I think there is something for everyone here!!!

Freitag, 29. September 2006


I'm using an editor for this post. Just a little test...

Let's see...

Samstag, 16. September 2006

A few (??) things that are on my mind at the moment...

Ok, I have some things to tell you about ;). They're ordered randomly...
  • My sister has a weblog now. I'll link it soon "officially". Till then - here's the link:
  • The International Pilgrimage of Altar Boys & Girls to Rome was amazing. I hope I can write more about it later. Unfortunately I lost the film with all the pictures (I'm still not taking pictures digitally...), so there won't be any of my pictures :(. But I hope I can get some pictures from others.
  • I really hope I can be a long-term volunteer for WYD 2008 ( in Sydney. I'm already dreaming of my time there ;). The site says that they will inform the volunteers in January 2007 - toooooooooooooooooo long to wait :(.
  • I'd love to have an Apple computer. I looked at their homepage ( and I really think that Apple is a great company. I've "fallen in love" with their design. I think it's all very elegant and stylish.
  • I'm again thinking about what to study. Today I looked for interesting courses that the universities of Cologne offer. I'd love to study there - I like that city. (
  • On monday, school starts. Finally, my last year of school starts - aaargh! I am so old!!! ;) I can't believe it.....

Dienstag, 25. Juli 2006


It's sooooooooooooooooo hot over here!!!!! Every day it's about 32°Celsius (~90°F) hot and it won't cool down at night (exception: a thunderstorm at night - I'm waiting for the next one...). Plus, our heat is humid... I'm tired from the heat already at noon (school is horrible - at least the classes are "worthless" now as it is the last week of school...), and at night you can't sleep *argh*...
I don't have any shirts left, they're all full of sweat. Same with pants.

Next week I'll be in Rome - probably even hotter!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm looking forward to it anyway - and I'll give you a report afterwards :) !

Freitag, 30. Juni 2006

Kofi Annan and soccer

Today, we did an English classtest. The text was great, so I searched for it. Here it is:

At the UN, how we envy the World Cup
by: Kofi A. Annan (June 9, 2006)

You may wonder what a secretary general of the United Nations is doing writing about football. But in fact, the World Cup makes us at the United Nations green with envy. As the pinnacle of the only truly global game, played in every country by every race and religion, it is one of the few phenomena as universal as the United Nations.
You could even say it's more universal. FIFA has 207 members; we have only 191.
But there are far better reasons to be envious. First, the World Cup is an event in which everybody knows where their team stands, and what it did to get there. They know who scored and how and in what minute of the game; they know who missed the open goal; they know who saved the penalty.
I wish we had more of that sort of competition in the family of nations. Countries openly vying for the best standing in the table of respect for human rights, and trying to outdo one another in child survival rates or enrolment in secondary education. States parading their performance for all the world to see. Governments being held accountable for what actions led them to that result.
Second, the World Cup is an event that everybody on the planet loves talking about, dissecting what their team did right, and what it could have done differently - not to mention the other side's team.
People sitting in cafés anywhere from Buenos Aires to Beijing debate the finer points of games endlessly, revealing an intimate knowledge not only of their own national teams but of many of the others too, expressing themselves on the subject with as much clarity as passion. Normally tongue-tied teenagers suddenly become eloquent, confident, and dazzlingly analytical experts.
I wish we had more of that sort of conversation in the world at large. Citizens consumed by the topic of how their country could do better on the Human Development Index, or in reducing the amount of carbon emissions or the number of new HIV infections.
Third, the World Cup is an event that takes place on a level playing field, where every country has a chance to participate on equal terms. Only two commodities matter in this game: talent and teamwork.
I wish we had more levelers like that in the global arena. Free and fair exchanges without the interference of subsidies, barriers or tariffs. Every country getting a real chance to field its strengths on the world stage.
Fourth, the World Cup is an event that illustrates the benefits of cross- pollination between peoples and countries. More and more national teams now welcome coaches from other countries, who bring new ways of thinking and playing.
The same goes for the increasing number of players who, between World Cups, represent clubs away from home. They inject new qualities into their new team, grow from the experience, and are able to contribute even more to their home side when they return.
In the process, they often become heroes in their adopted countries - helping to open hearts and broaden minds.
I wish it were equally plain for all to see that human migration in general can create triple gains - for migrants, for their countries of origin and for the societies that receive them. That migrants not only build better lives for themselves and their families, but are also agents of development - economic, social and cultural - in the countries they go and work in, and in the homelands they inspire through newly won ideas and know-how when they return.
For any country, playing in the World Cup is a matter of profound national pride. For countries qualifying for the first time, such as my native Ghana, it is a badge of honor. For those who are doing so after years of adversity, such as Angola, it provides a sense of national renewal. And for those who are currently riven by conflict, like Ivory Coast, but whose World Cup team is a unique and powerful symbol of national unity, it inspires nothing less than the hope of national rebirth.
Which brings me to what is perhaps most enviable of all for us at the United Nations: The World Cup is an event in which we actually see goals being reached.
I'm not talking only about the goals that a country scores; I also mean the most important goal of all - being there, being part of the family of nations and peoples, celebrating our common humanity.
I'll try to remember that when Ghana plays Italy in Hannover on June 12. Of course, I can't promise I'll succeed.


Mittwoch, 28. Juni 2006


More than half of the Soccer World Cup is already over and Germany has gone crazy - in a positive way!
Usually, patriotism in Germany is next to nothing -> it doesn't exist at all. This is mainly caused by the bad experience the Germans had during the 3rd Reich (under Hitler) and the 2nd World War :(. But now, there is a German flag in nearly every window and people don't think you're strange when you paint "black-red-gold" into your face.

I like this. I really think Germany needs more patriotism! It makes me smile everytime I see another German flag in a window or a garden. We have even two flags :D....

After the World Cup (I hope Germany wins on Friday against Argentinia!!!) there won't be that many flags left I suppose, but I really hope that people over here start becoming more patriotic!!!

Dienstag, 30. Mai 2006

May resumé

May is nearly over - and indeed - it was a great month!

The comedian was good - I couldn't really "prepare" myself for his show as I was too excited about all the Wise Guys stuff *g*...

The new Wise Guys album is soooo good!! I knew many songs before, but it's great to have them - to "own" them ;) ...

I already heard the title song ("Radio") in real radio!!! Amazing!
The concert was great, too! So much fun!!

The new Basta CD is great, too. Very different, but funny and good. Although these two groups do in fact the same thing - a cappella / comedy - they are soo different. I like them both :D !!

Our concert in school was very good. Everybody said that we hadn't been that good for years - YEAH!!

At the moment I'm sitting here coughing - I caught a cold :(. I couldn't speak for 2 days because my throat hurt so much. Now I take penicillin and sth against the pain and trink loads of sage tea (I like that one ;) ) and I hope it'll be over in a few days...

Oh, and it's raining again *grrr*. In some parts in Germany, they even have snow... According to the calendar, we have summer!!!!!

Next friday, the soccer world championship here in Germany will start - I'm really looking forward to it!

Freitag, 19. Mai 2006


Isn't that amazing?!? Yesterday The postman rang at the door and what he gave me was a small box which contained a --- WebCam!!! I won it... I got the news that I won about one month ago - now it's real!!!! I still can hardly believe it...

Dienstag, 2. Mai 2006

May time

This May is going to be real exciting - sooo many things will happen, good things, of course!!
It started with 2 project days in school - *chill*...
On Friday, the new Wise Guys album is released which I already ordered - I hope it'll come in time! Plus, I'm going to a comedy show on Friday. This comedian (Christian Habekost) is so funny - he talks in the accent of our region (the palatinate).

Then, on May 10, there will be the Wise Guys concert in Heidelberg, for which I have tickets for row 2!

On May 19, 2 great things will (hopefully ;) ) happen: The concert of the school's choir and big band and another album is released: the new Basta album...

This is going to be a great month!!!

Freitag, 14. April 2006

Happy Easter

I wish you all a Happy Easter !!!! (ok, today is Good Friday..)

Find all your eggs and sweets you are supposed to find, and don't get sick from all the sweets!

For my Jewish friends: Happy Passover!

Sonntag, 9. April 2006

What to do after school....

I suppose most of you went right away to university or college after graduation. I want to spent one year abroad before.

I thought about different possibilities: I could go and be an au pair in the U.S. or in Canada, I thought about going to Chile and learn Spanish, and my last idea was to go to Sydney to help preparing the World Youth Day 2008 (either as a volunteer or an employee).
  • Being an au pair would mean that I need several hours of experience with kids , and till now you couldn't be an au pair in Canada but they're about to change the legal situation at the moment. I'd love to go to Canada sometime....
  • Going to Chile would be great to meet my friends there and to learn Spanish but none of the organizations go there. If you want to go to South America, you can go to Brazil, Ecuador or Peru. I will start a Spanish course on Wednesday.
  • Last but not least: Sydney. It's my latest idea... I wanted to go to the WYD anyway so that would be a great chance to go there while keeping the costs limited. I also thought about studying English/Anglistics, so I'd have already a practical. I've been to Australia before but I wouldn't mind going there again... If I went there, I'd also work with people of many different nationalities, which can be very amazing and informative.
At the moment, Sydney is my favorite but there's still one more year to go.
Please tell me what you think about my ideas - I need help in deciding!!!

Sonntag, 2. April 2006

April Fools Day

Have you been fooled yesterday? Or did you fool somebody?
I haven't been fooled - I sorted out 2 out of 3 jokes immediately yesterday. With the 3rd one I didn't really realize it (it was one on the internet - guest books and forum)... I'm pretty proud ;) ....

Dienstag, 21. März 2006

The Rocky Horror Show

Frank and Janet
Yesterday night I went to see the Rocky Horror Show! WOW! Great! Fun!
(How can a man walk with shoes I even would have problems to walk in???)
Links: Heidelberg Theatre - Musicalzentrale (That's where I got the pictures from)

Sonntag, 19. März 2006


I love driving!
I've had my licence for 7 weeks now (I'm still counting ;) ), and driving is so much fun for me. I don't want to miss it any more! First, I was a bit afraid, especially to drive our big car (the other one is a Smart - only 2 seats), but now I can't get enough!!! On Friday I did my first "party tour": I took some people (and me, of course) to a party, which was a 40 mins drive... I didn't drink (I'm a good girl ;) ), but it was cool to belong to the drivers. Yeah!

By the way: I went to see Boris Becker - all year 12 & 13 students laughed so hard about the hysteria he caused with the year 5 students :D.....

Mittwoch, 15. März 2006

Boris Becker?!?!

Well, today I read a poster in school that Boris Becker (the former tennis star) will visit our school tomorrow. Shall I go and see him?
Okay, you have to know that he was born in the vicinity of Heidelberg (in Leimen) and even went to my school before he became famous... Is that a reason? What shall I do? It's probably an opportunity I'll never get again - but is he worth it?

Freitag, 3. März 2006

Wise Guys!!!

Look - the Wise Guys from behind the stage!!! I can't wait for the concert to come (It's on May 10)....
For those who know: the song is "Denglisch", performed at the World Youth Day...­
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Donnerstag, 2. März 2006


The world is sooo unfair!!! My little sister Anna is in Australia right now. Until next Wednesday she's staying in Melbourne. I just made the mistake to glimpse into the weatherforecast for Melbourne :[... It won't get colder than 12°C at night and during the day they have around 30°C!!! I'm freezing!!! Today, it was snowing again... I want spring - RIGHT NOW!!! I can't stand the cold no longer... AAAARGH!

Donnerstag, 23. Februar 2006


My pictures are online!!!

Italy IV

Monday (13.2.):
On Moday we had school. But it was quite cool because the teachers of "our" class weren't there somehow and as the class had work to do, another teacher offered us to watch a movie. So we watched Notting Hill (in English)....
Then we and our Italian partners had a sports lesson. We played volleyball and soccer (football), Italy vs. Germany - we lost :( because we didn't know each other like the Italian group... In the end we mixed up, so it was fairer...

In the afternoon we went to the house of one of the Italian teachers for a wine tasting. Yes, indeed - they officially gave us wine :) . It was a really dry wine, so we wouldn't drink too much (and the teachers were there aswell...). We also had lunch there - way too much good stuff to eat, so I decided I would eat untill I'd burst ;). When everybody was full up, they brought a fancy cake because it was the birthday of one of the German girls.
During the afternoon the teachers also told us that we would leave on Wednesday morning and not in the afternoon as it had been planned because they didn't trust the trains. They didn't want to miss the night train back home.

In the evening we already packed our suitcases. While Rosa was packing I had time to talk with Chiara because Rosa needed two (2!!!) houres to get packed - she had bought too much...
Chiara invited me to come and visit her in summer. Yeah!!!! I will go!

Tuesday (14.2.): Cuneo
We went to Cuneo, the next bigger town. We had a tour though the city and then we had free time. There was a nice market where we could take a look at things, and I also went to a bookshop because one of the girls I went with wanted to buy Harry Potter I in Italian. I got a book to - in English (Terry Pratchett, if it rings a bell...)

When we came back to Mondovì, Chiara's mom came to meet us and we went shopping - cheese, which I wanted for my parents (it's really good, by the way ;) ).
Then we had our farewell dinner. We had polenta - yummy... I had to cry because I didn't want to leave my new friends that soon. It was not only Chiara I got on with very well, but all of the other Italians too!!!

Wednesday (15.2.): Torino
We had loads of time in Torino to spend so first we went to the Egyptian Museum. This was for the whole group...
Then we splitted up and my little group (3 girls) went to the Sponsor Village of the Olympic Games. It was fun there, and we also met the mascots - Neve and Gliz - of course we took pictures!!!

Then we tried to get rid of our time (it was soo cold) and in hte early evening we met at the main station to catch our train back home.
I was at home at 6:15 am on Thursday morning (16.2.).

Mittwoch, 22. Februar 2006

for your info

The rest of the report will appear here at the weekend -> when I have more time...
I hope I'll have my photos then aswell!

Samstag, 18. Februar 2006

Italian Report Part III

Saturday (11.2.): 2nd trip to Torino
After some shopping we met to see an Icehockey match: female Germany vs. Finland. It was quite funny (I have absolutely no idea about the rules...) even though Germany lost 0:3...
After the match we were supposed to meet some of the German athletes but it was cancelled for some reason. :(
Then we went to the Museum of Cinema - it is great but we only had half an hour there :( we could have needed at least 2 hours!!

In the evening then whole group (without the teachers) went out for partying. First we had dinner in a small restaurant/club, and at about 0:30 am we left for the disco where I stayed until 3:30 am. Many of us were drunk (not me ;) ), including "Rosa".
That's the girl who stayed also at Chiara's. She was the girl nobody liked -> she's a real [***] (sorry for that word but there's no other word that would describe her better...). She had many pink stuff that's why we named her "Rosa". By the way, she's only 14... Oh, and before we went to the dinner/disco, she took amphetamines - argh!!

Sunday (12.2.): carnival
On Sunday, after having slept in and lunch, we went to see the carnival in Mondovì. There were costumes like in Venice - soo beautiful!!!
Oh yes, and Rosa had a really bad hangover...


You find pictures if you click on the link on the right saying "My Pictures" ;) .

PS: I "cencor" my posts myself... Think of the right words yourself... With that, nobody (If these persons ever read this) can feel bad or so...

More Italian Adventures

Ok, so I go on with Wednesday (8.2.):
We took the bus to go to Torino for the first time (except for the 3/4 h we had spent in the main station 2 days before ;) ). There we went to the GAM (Galleria dell'Arte Moderna) to take a little tour round the modern art section (20th century)... It was sooo boring!!! The guide's English was horrible, her accent was [***] ;) . And then she explained the modern art to us. I neither knew the artist nor understood what their pictures should be about. Some of the paintings were titeled "Composizione" - alright... At least there was a Picasso - but the picture wasn't that better than the others... (Did I tell you that I don't like modern art??) In our spare time I went though a section that had some really good paintings from the 19th century.

In the evening we watched the dress rehearsal for the Opening Ceremony of the Olympic Games. It was great - but ice cold!!!! (By the way, did you watch it on TV???)

Thursday (9.2.):
We were allowed to sleep in because we came home late the night before...
Then we had a tour of Mondovì Piazza, the upper part of Mondovì.
In the afternoon we went to Vicoforte to see the santuario (a pilgrimage church) - quite impressive!!
After that, we went to a chocolate factory nearby. It sounded promising, but as the lady there only spoke Italian and it wasn't a really a factory but a confectionery specialized on chocolate, the best thing was testing the chocolate ;) .

Friday (10.2.): day trip to Genova
First we visited the aquarium - really great, there was even an area where you could pet stingrays and a tank with dolphins - soo cute!
Then we visited Palazzo Bianco: honestly, this palace is beautiful, if there weren't so many baroque (=dark) paintings we had to look at... As nobody was fond of seeing more pictures, we skipped Palazzo Rosso ;).
Then we had lunch in an old (traditional) restaurant - it was very good, but we were a bit late so we got all the leftovers...
Then we had free time which I spent with most of the Italian and 2 more German girls at the harbor in the sun. The group met again at Palazzo Reale (= Royal Palace). There were some pictures, but it actually showed how the Italian nobles lived, which was pretty interesting. There was even a throne room!

Montag, 13. Februar 2006


i'm sorry i can't write any more... you'll read more when i'm back home on thursday! sorry!!! :(

Dienstag, 7. Februar 2006

The first days in Italy

Okay, I hope this appears in the blog. I'll see..

So, my trip started Saturday night (4.2.), when we took the night train from Mannheim to Milano. Night train means that you have "beds" to sleep on, but there are 6 people in one compartement - quite cosy ;) . I tried to sleep but I didn't really manage.

We arrived in Milano at about 8 am, took our luggage through the city (i.e. the Metro) into our hotel where we left them. We couldn't go into our rooms because they hadn't been cleaned yet.
After this we went took the Metro again to see the cathedral (WOW amazing -I'll give you some pictures when I'm back home!!!) and parts of the old town. All this took the whole morning and we went back to finally get our rooms.
In the hotel we had some problems because there was one bed missing -MINE!!! In the end we all had a place to sleep...
Then we left for the stadium where we watched a football match: Inter Milano versus Chievi Verona. We missed the only goal (by Inter) because it was in the 7th minute and the line at the box office was too long :( . It was fun anyway! In the evening we had an all-you-can-eat dinner which was very good because my lunch had been one packet of chocolate cookies...
That was Sunday (5.2.).

On Monday (6.2.), after having slept very good, we visited the Scala - the famous opera of Milano. We had a guided tour though the museum there which was boring because it was in Italian -> which I do not speak :) . After some free time we returned to the hotel, took our suitcases and left for Mondovì where the partner school is. On the way, the train to Torino had to stop for a very long time, so we missed the train to Mondovì and so we were one hour late...
We were all happy to see our partners again. I had a yummy Italian dinner and then went to bed.

Today (7.2.): We went to school and were welcomed by the headmistress. Then we were splitted into groups and sent to several classes. It was funny there: I was in a only-girls class and at first, they didn't want to speak German, but then we talked quite a lot. At lunch break we got sth to eat from the school and then we left the school to see the Mayor.
After this, we got free time. So we had a look at the market...
Lunch at "home" was yummy again (I LOVE ITALIAN FOOD!!!). In the afternoon we went to a shopping mall (but I didn't buy anything). Now I'm off for another yummy Italian dinner - I'm hungry!!!

I'll write again as soon as I can!

Samstag, 4. Februar 2006

Tonight, tonight... *sing*

Tonight at 9:45 pm I will leave for Italy!!! I hope I can write something for you in this blog - Chiara's computer is alright again...

Donnerstag, 26. Januar 2006

I got it, yeah baby, I got it...

Finally, I'm allowed to drive on my own!!!
There was snow this morning - 10 centimeters! I had to drive really slow and carefully, most of the time, I didn't drive faster than 45 km/h...


Mittwoch, 18. Januar 2006

Plans, plans, plans

It's coming closer! Can you believe it? I will leave for Italy on February 4! I nearly can't wait any more!!

There's so many things in school where we go on trips: we will probably go to Weimar in May, and we'll go to Berlin in October. Plus, we go to choir camp in the week before the easter holidays.
And I will go to Rome in August.
It seems I'll only be travelling this year...

Donnerstag, 12. Januar 2006

To the Germans

Hey! I want your opinion!
Shall I open another blog which will be in German? Maybe I'll also think about giving you the right to post aswell...
Please, tell me!
It's a crazy idea that just came to my mind...

Donnerstag, 5. Januar 2006


I just added a link that leads you to my online photo album. Today, I added photos from my 18th birthday (they are the only ones till now...).
Thanks Kate, for giving them to me!!!