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My pictures are online!!!

Italy IV

Monday (13.2.):
On Moday we had school. But it was quite cool because the teachers of "our" class weren't there somehow and as the class had work to do, another teacher offered us to watch a movie. So we watched Notting Hill (in English)....
Then we and our Italian partners had a sports lesson. We played volleyball and soccer (football), Italy vs. Germany - we lost :( because we didn't know each other like the Italian group... In the end we mixed up, so it was fairer...

In the afternoon we went to the house of one of the Italian teachers for a wine tasting. Yes, indeed - they officially gave us wine :) . It was a really dry wine, so we wouldn't drink too much (and the teachers were there aswell...). We also had lunch there - way too much good stuff to eat, so I decided I would eat untill I'd burst ;). When everybody was full up, they brought a fancy cake because it was the birthday of one of the German girls.
During the afternoon the teachers also told us that we would leave on Wednesday morning and not in the afternoon as it had been planned because they didn't trust the trains. They didn't want to miss the night train back home.

In the evening we already packed our suitcases. While Rosa was packing I had time to talk with Chiara because Rosa needed two (2!!!) houres to get packed - she had bought too much...
Chiara invited me to come and visit her in summer. Yeah!!!! I will go!

Tuesday (14.2.): Cuneo
We went to Cuneo, the next bigger town. We had a tour though the city and then we had free time. There was a nice market where we could take a look at things, and I also went to a bookshop because one of the girls I went with wanted to buy Harry Potter I in Italian. I got a book to - in English (Terry Pratchett, if it rings a bell...)

When we came back to Mondovì, Chiara's mom came to meet us and we went shopping - cheese, which I wanted for my parents (it's really good, by the way ;) ).
Then we had our farewell dinner. We had polenta - yummy... I had to cry because I didn't want to leave my new friends that soon. It was not only Chiara I got on with very well, but all of the other Italians too!!!

Wednesday (15.2.): Torino
We had loads of time in Torino to spend so first we went to the Egyptian Museum. This was for the whole group...
Then we splitted up and my little group (3 girls) went to the Sponsor Village of the Olympic Games. It was fun there, and we also met the mascots - Neve and Gliz - of course we took pictures!!!

Then we tried to get rid of our time (it was soo cold) and in hte early evening we met at the main station to catch our train back home.
I was at home at 6:15 am on Thursday morning (16.2.).

Mittwoch, 22. Februar 2006

for your info

The rest of the report will appear here at the weekend -> when I have more time...
I hope I'll have my photos then aswell!

Samstag, 18. Februar 2006

Italian Report Part III

Saturday (11.2.): 2nd trip to Torino
After some shopping we met to see an Icehockey match: female Germany vs. Finland. It was quite funny (I have absolutely no idea about the rules...) even though Germany lost 0:3...
After the match we were supposed to meet some of the German athletes but it was cancelled for some reason. :(
Then we went to the Museum of Cinema - it is great but we only had half an hour there :( we could have needed at least 2 hours!!

In the evening then whole group (without the teachers) went out for partying. First we had dinner in a small restaurant/club, and at about 0:30 am we left for the disco where I stayed until 3:30 am. Many of us were drunk (not me ;) ), including "Rosa".
That's the girl who stayed also at Chiara's. She was the girl nobody liked -> she's a real [***] (sorry for that word but there's no other word that would describe her better...). She had many pink stuff that's why we named her "Rosa". By the way, she's only 14... Oh, and before we went to the dinner/disco, she took amphetamines - argh!!

Sunday (12.2.): carnival
On Sunday, after having slept in and lunch, we went to see the carnival in Mondovì. There were costumes like in Venice - soo beautiful!!!
Oh yes, and Rosa had a really bad hangover...


You find pictures if you click on the link on the right saying "My Pictures" ;) .

PS: I "cencor" my posts myself... Think of the right words yourself... With that, nobody (If these persons ever read this) can feel bad or so...

More Italian Adventures

Ok, so I go on with Wednesday (8.2.):
We took the bus to go to Torino for the first time (except for the 3/4 h we had spent in the main station 2 days before ;) ). There we went to the GAM (Galleria dell'Arte Moderna) to take a little tour round the modern art section (20th century)... It was sooo boring!!! The guide's English was horrible, her accent was [***] ;) . And then she explained the modern art to us. I neither knew the artist nor understood what their pictures should be about. Some of the paintings were titeled "Composizione" - alright... At least there was a Picasso - but the picture wasn't that better than the others... (Did I tell you that I don't like modern art??) In our spare time I went though a section that had some really good paintings from the 19th century.

In the evening we watched the dress rehearsal for the Opening Ceremony of the Olympic Games. It was great - but ice cold!!!! (By the way, did you watch it on TV???)

Thursday (9.2.):
We were allowed to sleep in because we came home late the night before...
Then we had a tour of Mondovì Piazza, the upper part of Mondovì.
In the afternoon we went to Vicoforte to see the santuario (a pilgrimage church) - quite impressive!!
After that, we went to a chocolate factory nearby. It sounded promising, but as the lady there only spoke Italian and it wasn't a really a factory but a confectionery specialized on chocolate, the best thing was testing the chocolate ;) .

Friday (10.2.): day trip to Genova
First we visited the aquarium - really great, there was even an area where you could pet stingrays and a tank with dolphins - soo cute!
Then we visited Palazzo Bianco: honestly, this palace is beautiful, if there weren't so many baroque (=dark) paintings we had to look at... As nobody was fond of seeing more pictures, we skipped Palazzo Rosso ;).
Then we had lunch in an old (traditional) restaurant - it was very good, but we were a bit late so we got all the leftovers...
Then we had free time which I spent with most of the Italian and 2 more German girls at the harbor in the sun. The group met again at Palazzo Reale (= Royal Palace). There were some pictures, but it actually showed how the Italian nobles lived, which was pretty interesting. There was even a throne room!

Montag, 13. Februar 2006


i'm sorry i can't write any more... you'll read more when i'm back home on thursday! sorry!!! :(

Dienstag, 7. Februar 2006

The first days in Italy

Okay, I hope this appears in the blog. I'll see..

So, my trip started Saturday night (4.2.), when we took the night train from Mannheim to Milano. Night train means that you have "beds" to sleep on, but there are 6 people in one compartement - quite cosy ;) . I tried to sleep but I didn't really manage.

We arrived in Milano at about 8 am, took our luggage through the city (i.e. the Metro) into our hotel where we left them. We couldn't go into our rooms because they hadn't been cleaned yet.
After this we went took the Metro again to see the cathedral (WOW amazing -I'll give you some pictures when I'm back home!!!) and parts of the old town. All this took the whole morning and we went back to finally get our rooms.
In the hotel we had some problems because there was one bed missing -MINE!!! In the end we all had a place to sleep...
Then we left for the stadium where we watched a football match: Inter Milano versus Chievi Verona. We missed the only goal (by Inter) because it was in the 7th minute and the line at the box office was too long :( . It was fun anyway! In the evening we had an all-you-can-eat dinner which was very good because my lunch had been one packet of chocolate cookies...
That was Sunday (5.2.).

On Monday (6.2.), after having slept very good, we visited the Scala - the famous opera of Milano. We had a guided tour though the museum there which was boring because it was in Italian -> which I do not speak :) . After some free time we returned to the hotel, took our suitcases and left for Mondovì where the partner school is. On the way, the train to Torino had to stop for a very long time, so we missed the train to Mondovì and so we were one hour late...
We were all happy to see our partners again. I had a yummy Italian dinner and then went to bed.

Today (7.2.): We went to school and were welcomed by the headmistress. Then we were splitted into groups and sent to several classes. It was funny there: I was in a only-girls class and at first, they didn't want to speak German, but then we talked quite a lot. At lunch break we got sth to eat from the school and then we left the school to see the Mayor.
After this, we got free time. So we had a look at the market...
Lunch at "home" was yummy again (I LOVE ITALIAN FOOD!!!). In the afternoon we went to a shopping mall (but I didn't buy anything). Now I'm off for another yummy Italian dinner - I'm hungry!!!

I'll write again as soon as I can!

Samstag, 4. Februar 2006

Tonight, tonight... *sing*

Tonight at 9:45 pm I will leave for Italy!!! I hope I can write something for you in this blog - Chiara's computer is alright again...