Samstag, 18. Februar 2006

Italian Report Part III

Saturday (11.2.): 2nd trip to Torino
After some shopping we met to see an Icehockey match: female Germany vs. Finland. It was quite funny (I have absolutely no idea about the rules...) even though Germany lost 0:3...
After the match we were supposed to meet some of the German athletes but it was cancelled for some reason. :(
Then we went to the Museum of Cinema - it is great but we only had half an hour there :( we could have needed at least 2 hours!!

In the evening then whole group (without the teachers) went out for partying. First we had dinner in a small restaurant/club, and at about 0:30 am we left for the disco where I stayed until 3:30 am. Many of us were drunk (not me ;) ), including "Rosa".
That's the girl who stayed also at Chiara's. She was the girl nobody liked -> she's a real [***] (sorry for that word but there's no other word that would describe her better...). She had many pink stuff that's why we named her "Rosa". By the way, she's only 14... Oh, and before we went to the dinner/disco, she took amphetamines - argh!!

Sunday (12.2.): carnival
On Sunday, after having slept in and lunch, we went to see the carnival in Mondovì. There were costumes like in Venice - soo beautiful!!!
Oh yes, and Rosa had a really bad hangover...
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