Donnerstag, 23. Februar 2006

Italy IV

Monday (13.2.):
On Moday we had school. But it was quite cool because the teachers of "our" class weren't there somehow and as the class had work to do, another teacher offered us to watch a movie. So we watched Notting Hill (in English)....
Then we and our Italian partners had a sports lesson. We played volleyball and soccer (football), Italy vs. Germany - we lost :( because we didn't know each other like the Italian group... In the end we mixed up, so it was fairer...

In the afternoon we went to the house of one of the Italian teachers for a wine tasting. Yes, indeed - they officially gave us wine :) . It was a really dry wine, so we wouldn't drink too much (and the teachers were there aswell...). We also had lunch there - way too much good stuff to eat, so I decided I would eat untill I'd burst ;). When everybody was full up, they brought a fancy cake because it was the birthday of one of the German girls.
During the afternoon the teachers also told us that we would leave on Wednesday morning and not in the afternoon as it had been planned because they didn't trust the trains. They didn't want to miss the night train back home.

In the evening we already packed our suitcases. While Rosa was packing I had time to talk with Chiara because Rosa needed two (2!!!) houres to get packed - she had bought too much...
Chiara invited me to come and visit her in summer. Yeah!!!! I will go!

Tuesday (14.2.): Cuneo
We went to Cuneo, the next bigger town. We had a tour though the city and then we had free time. There was a nice market where we could take a look at things, and I also went to a bookshop because one of the girls I went with wanted to buy Harry Potter I in Italian. I got a book to - in English (Terry Pratchett, if it rings a bell...)

When we came back to Mondovì, Chiara's mom came to meet us and we went shopping - cheese, which I wanted for my parents (it's really good, by the way ;) ).
Then we had our farewell dinner. We had polenta - yummy... I had to cry because I didn't want to leave my new friends that soon. It was not only Chiara I got on with very well, but all of the other Italians too!!!

Wednesday (15.2.): Torino
We had loads of time in Torino to spend so first we went to the Egyptian Museum. This was for the whole group...
Then we splitted up and my little group (3 girls) went to the Sponsor Village of the Olympic Games. It was fun there, and we also met the mascots - Neve and Gliz - of course we took pictures!!!

Then we tried to get rid of our time (it was soo cold) and in hte early evening we met at the main station to catch our train back home.
I was at home at 6:15 am on Thursday morning (16.2.).
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