Samstag, 18. Februar 2006

More Italian Adventures

Ok, so I go on with Wednesday (8.2.):
We took the bus to go to Torino for the first time (except for the 3/4 h we had spent in the main station 2 days before ;) ). There we went to the GAM (Galleria dell'Arte Moderna) to take a little tour round the modern art section (20th century)... It was sooo boring!!! The guide's English was horrible, her accent was [***] ;) . And then she explained the modern art to us. I neither knew the artist nor understood what their pictures should be about. Some of the paintings were titeled "Composizione" - alright... At least there was a Picasso - but the picture wasn't that better than the others... (Did I tell you that I don't like modern art??) In our spare time I went though a section that had some really good paintings from the 19th century.

In the evening we watched the dress rehearsal for the Opening Ceremony of the Olympic Games. It was great - but ice cold!!!! (By the way, did you watch it on TV???)

Thursday (9.2.):
We were allowed to sleep in because we came home late the night before...
Then we had a tour of Mondovì Piazza, the upper part of Mondovì.
In the afternoon we went to Vicoforte to see the santuario (a pilgrimage church) - quite impressive!!
After that, we went to a chocolate factory nearby. It sounded promising, but as the lady there only spoke Italian and it wasn't a really a factory but a confectionery specialized on chocolate, the best thing was testing the chocolate ;) .

Friday (10.2.): day trip to Genova
First we visited the aquarium - really great, there was even an area where you could pet stingrays and a tank with dolphins - soo cute!
Then we visited Palazzo Bianco: honestly, this palace is beautiful, if there weren't so many baroque (=dark) paintings we had to look at... As nobody was fond of seeing more pictures, we skipped Palazzo Rosso ;).
Then we had lunch in an old (traditional) restaurant - it was very good, but we were a bit late so we got all the leftovers...
Then we had free time which I spent with most of the Italian and 2 more German girls at the harbor in the sun. The group met again at Palazzo Reale (= Royal Palace). There were some pictures, but it actually showed how the Italian nobles lived, which was pretty interesting. There was even a throne room!
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