Dienstag, 21. März 2006

The Rocky Horror Show

Frank and Janet
Yesterday night I went to see the Rocky Horror Show! WOW! Great! Fun!
(How can a man walk with shoes I even would have problems to walk in???)
Links: Heidelberg Theatre - Musicalzentrale (That's where I got the pictures from)

Sonntag, 19. März 2006


I love driving!
I've had my licence for 7 weeks now (I'm still counting ;) ), and driving is so much fun for me. I don't want to miss it any more! First, I was a bit afraid, especially to drive our big car (the other one is a Smart - only 2 seats), but now I can't get enough!!! On Friday I did my first "party tour": I took some people (and me, of course) to a party, which was a 40 mins drive... I didn't drink (I'm a good girl ;) ), but it was cool to belong to the drivers. Yeah!

By the way: I went to see Boris Becker - all year 12 & 13 students laughed so hard about the hysteria he caused with the year 5 students :D.....

Mittwoch, 15. März 2006

Boris Becker?!?!

Well, today I read a poster in school that Boris Becker (the former tennis star) will visit our school tomorrow. Shall I go and see him?
Okay, you have to know that he was born in the vicinity of Heidelberg (in Leimen) and even went to my school before he became famous... Is that a reason? What shall I do? It's probably an opportunity I'll never get again - but is he worth it?

Freitag, 3. März 2006

Wise Guys!!!

Look - the Wise Guys from behind the stage!!! I can't wait for the concert to come (It's on May 10)....
For those who know: the song is "Denglisch", performed at the World Youth Day...­
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Donnerstag, 2. März 2006


The world is sooo unfair!!! My little sister Anna is in Australia right now. Until next Wednesday she's staying in Melbourne. I just made the mistake to glimpse into the weatherforecast for Melbourne :[... It won't get colder than 12°C at night and during the day they have around 30°C!!! I'm freezing!!! Today, it was snowing again... I want spring - RIGHT NOW!!! I can't stand the cold no longer... AAAARGH!