Dienstag, 30. Mai 2006

May resumé

May is nearly over - and indeed - it was a great month!

The comedian was good - I couldn't really "prepare" myself for his show as I was too excited about all the Wise Guys stuff *g*...

The new Wise Guys album is soooo good!! I knew many songs before, but it's great to have them - to "own" them ;) ...

I already heard the title song ("Radio") in real radio!!! Amazing!
The concert was great, too! So much fun!!

The new Basta CD is great, too. Very different, but funny and good. Although these two groups do in fact the same thing - a cappella / comedy - they are soo different. I like them both :D !!

Our concert in school was very good. Everybody said that we hadn't been that good for years - YEAH!!

At the moment I'm sitting here coughing - I caught a cold :(. I couldn't speak for 2 days because my throat hurt so much. Now I take penicillin and sth against the pain and trink loads of sage tea (I like that one ;) ) and I hope it'll be over in a few days...

Oh, and it's raining again *grrr*. In some parts in Germany, they even have snow... According to the calendar, we have summer!!!!!

Next friday, the soccer world championship here in Germany will start - I'm really looking forward to it!
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