Dienstag, 2. Mai 2006

May time

This May is going to be real exciting - sooo many things will happen, good things, of course!!
It started with 2 project days in school - *chill*...
On Friday, the new Wise Guys album is released which I already ordered - I hope it'll come in time! Plus, I'm going to a comedy show on Friday. This comedian (Christian Habekost) is so funny - he talks in the accent of our region (the palatinate).

Then, on May 10, there will be the Wise Guys concert in Heidelberg, for which I have tickets for row 2!

On May 19, 2 great things will (hopefully ;) ) happen: The concert of the school's choir and big band and another album is released: the new Basta album...

This is going to be a great month!!!
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