Mittwoch, 28. Juni 2006


More than half of the Soccer World Cup is already over and Germany has gone crazy - in a positive way!
Usually, patriotism in Germany is next to nothing -> it doesn't exist at all. This is mainly caused by the bad experience the Germans had during the 3rd Reich (under Hitler) and the 2nd World War :(. But now, there is a German flag in nearly every window and people don't think you're strange when you paint "black-red-gold" into your face.

I like this. I really think Germany needs more patriotism! It makes me smile everytime I see another German flag in a window or a garden. We have even two flags :D....

After the World Cup (I hope Germany wins on Friday against Argentinia!!!) there won't be that many flags left I suppose, but I really hope that people over here start becoming more patriotic!!!
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