Samstag, 16. September 2006

A few (??) things that are on my mind at the moment...

Ok, I have some things to tell you about ;). They're ordered randomly...
  • My sister has a weblog now. I'll link it soon "officially". Till then - here's the link:
  • The International Pilgrimage of Altar Boys & Girls to Rome was amazing. I hope I can write more about it later. Unfortunately I lost the film with all the pictures (I'm still not taking pictures digitally...), so there won't be any of my pictures :(. But I hope I can get some pictures from others.
  • I really hope I can be a long-term volunteer for WYD 2008 ( in Sydney. I'm already dreaming of my time there ;). The site says that they will inform the volunteers in January 2007 - toooooooooooooooooo long to wait :(.
  • I'd love to have an Apple computer. I looked at their homepage ( and I really think that Apple is a great company. I've "fallen in love" with their design. I think it's all very elegant and stylish.
  • I'm again thinking about what to study. Today I looked for interesting courses that the universities of Cologne offer. I'd love to study there - I like that city. (
  • On monday, school starts. Finally, my last year of school starts - aaargh! I am so old!!! ;) I can't believe it.....
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