Donnerstag, 31. Mai 2007

So then, Cologne No.1

I was in Cologne this (=last) weekend. Yep, as a tourist, but more important, as a Wise Guys Fan. Actually, I was there because of them. I went to their Open Air concert on Saturday night and stayed until Monday.

After I had met some other fans earlier this year (who I first knew from the Wise Guys Forum), I decided I had to be there as there would be lots of others from the forum I'd like to meet in person.

Crazy as I am, I decided to stay longer - with a girl I had never seen. Well, we had been chatting and emailing. :D A new friend! The weekend was great! :)

So then, on Saturday morning we left Heidelberg and we arrived in Cologne at about 10am. The others already met for breakfast, but we went to our hotel first (a very nice one, in Deutz). Then we joined the others at about 12noon. Sounds nice. Well, the concert started at 6pm!!! and we had to wait until about 3.30pm to enter the place. The time was over very quickly as we met known and new people and talked immediately :).

We entered and waited another 2 hours, but we had videoclips (which we accompanied) and people around us that made them feel like 2 seconds *g*.

The concert itself - WOW! Nearly every song was sung by both - the 5 on the stage and the crowd in front of it. There were only a few songs where listening was preferred (ballads and new songs), and one which we sung nearly alone *g*.

The weather forecast had said that there would be rain, but it only started when the concert was over. The concert was over, but not this night - there was the aftershowparty. Good music, great people - what more do I want?! Oh yes, "stars" who can stand right in the middle of the crowd and party just like us. Honestly!

On Sunday, we slept in, noticed that it was raining, and had breakfast before we left for the city.

We visited the cathedral (I love it - it's simply a WOW!). Then we wanted to go to the chocolate museum (2 girls, what do you expect?! ;) ). But it was to crowded (remember: rainy Sunday...), and so we decided to be crazy and went off for the Wise Guys office. (no more details here o:) ) In the evening we went to the Rhine (it had stopped raining) and watched people walking by. And we drank Kölsch (Cologne's beer).

On Monday morning it was - raining. Again. This time it seemed to be worse. After 5 minutes in the rain my shoes were wet. My socks were wet. My feet... And I had to stay like this. Anyway, we went to the chocolate museum again (after leaving our luggage at the main station). Very interesting and lots of (free) chocolate :D. We couldn't resist to drink a hot chocolate there *yummy*. To flee the rain, we went to the cathedral again and sat down for a while. Then we crossed the square and went to the main station to catch our train back home.

Two things left to say:

  • The Cologne accent is cute ;)
  • The width of the Rhine is just right in Cologne :D
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