Samstag, 6. Oktober 2007

1st FSJ Kultur - Seminar in Bochum

(=Voluntary Social Year in Culture)

This week (1st-5th October) I was on the 1st seminar I have to attend during this year.

I was quite excited as I knew nearly no one there except one guy I had met several times in Heidelberg before.

After arriving in Bochum central station, I was waiting for the tram there to get to the house where the seminar would be. There, two girls came over to me and asked if I was one of the FSJ people. Another girl, who had been waiting right behind me, also joined us. When we had to get of the tram, we heard another two girls talking about the seminar. We had to switch from tram to bus, and there were about 10 more waiting for the bus who also wanted to get to the seminar. All of them were very nice at first sight.

At the seminar, it was simply great. We were about 45 volunteers, and no matter with whom you were talking or put into a group, you could talk with everyone. On the first day, everyone was chatting, finding out, where the others work and what experiences the already had made.

Erverybody had a "secret friend", someone from the group you had to be especially friendly to - secretly, of course.

On tuesday, I was in a wokshop where we learned a lot about working on projects because every volunteer has to do a project during this year. It was a lot of theory, of course, but we knew what we will need it for, so it was ok. The evening was party again - mainly meaning chatting and drinking wine smile_regular.

On wednesday, we had to make a flower rosefor our secret friend and send it to him secretly. The workshop was a theater workshop, which was a lot of fun. I can't remember when I laughed that much before. We did improvisations etc. In the evening, many people did a impro-show, they were playing for about 2 hours! smile_omg clap

On thursday, we had to write a letter to our secret friends and give them a little present. During the day, we explored the Ruhr area, a former heavy industry area. Each group vistited one site, some of them are part of the UNESCO heritage. I was in the group that visited the Gasometer in Oberhausen.

The Gasometer

The ceiling inside the Gasometer - beautiful!

  The Namib desert from space

In the evening, we presented our results. We couldn't believe that this week was already over...

On friday morning, we had to guess who had been our secret friend during the week. Some were quite fast, but there were enough who didn't have any idea.

The trip home was a bit complicated because the Deutsche Bahn (German Railway company) striked... I was happy when I was at home because I was really tired...

I'm really looking forward to seeing them all again!

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