Montag, 29. Oktober 2007

Bodo Wartke, Der Freischütz, Cavalleria Rusticana/Pagliacci

A lot of things to tell:

1. Bodo Wartke

Last friday (Oct 19th) me and my room mate Jule went to see the German comedian Bodo Wartke. We knew that it was sold out, but as it were only 2 mins on foot to where he would perform, we decided to try it anyway. We got the last 2 seats! smile_shades

Bodo performed his new program "Noah war ein Archetyp" which I hadn't seen before and from which I only new a few songs. It is sooo good! Germans: Go and see it! (Or at least: visit his page and watch the videos there or on YouTube, especially the Ödipus-Episodes! They are so hilarious and clever at the same time...)

I can't wait until Nov 5th, when his new CD will be published. But it can't bring back the atmosphere of the show... So I will have to go again smile_teeth!

2. Der Freischütz - premiere

Then, on saturday Oct 20th, there was the premiere of Carl Maria von Weber's "Der Freischütz", a German opera.

I hadn't seen this opera before, although I had wanted to see it since we talked about it in music lessons at school in year 7 or so.

It could have been better, but as it was the first time for me, I can't really compare. Plus, the production is rather traditional. I also took 2 of my friends there, who had never before seen an opera or listen to classical music. And - they liked it! They want to come again! smile_regular

Max, having missed in a shooting competition

Kaspar convinces Max to go with him to the "Wolfsschlucht" (= wolf's gorge) and make magic bullets.

Pictures by Klaus Lefebvre.

3. Cavalleria Rusticana / Pagliacci (& birthday smile_wink)

As it was my birthday last saturday (Oct 27th), I had to celebrate somehow. I decided to make the party in the night before, so that my room mate could celebrate with me as she goes home every weekend. It was a nice party with people from the house.

On my birthday itself, I went to the opera - again smile_wink. Because on this day, star tenor José Cura performed in Cavalleria Rusticana / Pagliacci. (Yes, 2 operas, but they're both short, so they're mostly performed together.)

It was amazing! Alls the singers made a great performance. José Cura was really, really good. At the end, there were many Bravos and even standing ovations. Wow!!!!! smile_omg

A great birthday! smile_regular

José Cura and Dalia Schaechter (Cavalleria Rusticana)

Bruno Caproni, Ausrine Stundyte, José Cura (Pagliacci)

Pictures: Klaus Lefebvre.

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