Freitag, 16. Februar 2007

I'm still alive :D

Hey you guys - if there's still someone reading my stuff ;)

My week in Italy with Chiara (Dec/Jan) was great! It was really nice to be there again. We also went to Pisa, which is a small, but beautiful town (yeah, we saw the Leaning Tower, of course! But we didn't go up - 15 € is way to much money :O ...).

And I got to meet her boyfriend, who is a nice guy, I must say ;)... (Enrico, if you read this: When did you say you were coming to Germany?)


Then, it's carneval time over here, but I won't party... I'm not that into dressing up (but I will help to organize a party for kids... I think I'll be a Pippi Longstockings ;) ).


Working time is starting... I will have to start studying for my Abitur (final school exams)... I'm looking forward (haha) to Maths and Biology... Englisch and German are not that much, luckily... (by the way, does anybody like short stories?! I mean, there might be quite nice ones, but we have some really strange ones and they will probably be in the exam...)


I added another thing here - a list showing my recently played music tracks (from If you listen regularly to music on the computer, why don't you just try it? It would be interesting to watch what you are listening to ;)...


Hugs to everyone I know :)


PS: I don't know why (haha :P ) but I'm becoming a rocker girl at the moment *rockin' a lil'* (u know what I mean ;) )...